Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Journalism Will Not Die

If you are not following @jasonfalls on Twitter or reading his blog Social Media Explorer, you should. He is one of the best minds out there commenting on social media. He is also a great writer and keeps the discussion entertaining.

"Journalism Will Not Die - Media is changing because of social media, but as much as I've picked on old-school journalism, there's still a need for accuracy, ethics and quality in reporting. Newspapers may very well die. Traditional media outlets that don't shift their focus to a web-first approach certainly will. But journalism will never go away. We need it as a society because it keeps our world - government, industry and more - honest. Where will the journalists go? That I'm not so clear about, though it will certainly be in web-centric opportunities. But all the social media evangelists and bloggers in the world can't tear down one of the world's most noble professions."

Agree/disagree? What do you think?

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